From 26 June 2024 you will find us at the new address Bělehradská 222/128, 120 00 Praha 2! Click here for more information.


Benefits for Authors and Publishers

Royalty payment
12times a year
Protection of your copyright
at home as well as abroad
Registering works into
the international database
You can manage almost everything
via the Infosa account
We control using
of your works

How does it work?


Conclude an agreement

Fill in the application form and send it to us. You will then receive a draft contract from us by email, which we will finalise once we have received your approval.


Register your works

Once the contract has been signed, you register your songs in the INFOSA system or on a paper form. Registering your songs is very important so that we can send you royalties for public performances.


You will be paid royalties

Royalties are calculated on the basis of information collected on the use of songs from playlists of event organisers, reports from TV and radio stations, online platforms, etc. and are paid monthly. However, you must have at least CZK 500 in your royalty account on the payday.