Benefits for Authors and Publishers

Royalty payment
12times a year
Protection of your copyright
at home as well as abroad
Registering works into
the international database
You can manage almost everything
via the Infosa account
We control using
of your works

How does it work?


Conclude an agreement

After submitting an application to enter into an agreement and payment of registration fee, we will conclude an agreement on economic copyrights management.


Register your works

Once the agreement has been signed, you will need to register your works on our works database. It can be done online via your electronic account, or on paper forms. We cannot pay royalties for any work that has not been duly registered.


You will be paid royalties

Royalties are regularly distributed by OSA on the basis of collected information about the used works - from setlists provided by event organizers, TV and radio reports, etc. and are paid every month. However, the condition applies that the rights holder has at least CZK 500 on the fee account as of the date of payment.