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Milan Cais
Intellectual property is something like personal ownership of the soul. Each of us has its own which is unmistakable and nobody can take it from him …
Gabriela Osvaldová
When artist sell the fruits of their spirit, the fruits of their mental work, it is a strange thing. Not to me, I´m making a living out of it.
Meky Žbirka
Intellectual property should be used anyhow and by anybody and for free, if possible.
Michal Hrůza
Intellectual work is work like any other and has it´s value. By composing music and writing lyrics, you become the author whom OSA has been able to protect more than 100 years. OSA is very helpful now, when we are not allowed to perform in public.

5 reasons why OSA

We protect
Authors and
Publishers rights
More than 100 years
of experiences
Legal using
of music from
all over the world
Repertoire more
than 3,5 millions authors
Music Creation