In connection to the operation of a website and an e-shop OSA automatically processes so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files which are created each time you visit a website. Cookies allow us to store data documenting the use of a website and they also serve for communication between a computer (or a mobile phone or a similar device) of the user and server of the particular website. Cookies allow customization of the website´s content to individual users without identifying the particular user. If the user provides OSA with his/her personal data in order to conclude a license agreement through the online store, these data may be assigned to the information stored in the relevant cookie files.

We use two basic cookie types - session which are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser and persistent which are stored in the terminal equipment of the website user or registered user of the e-shop until they are deleted.

In order to improve functioning of the website and the e-shop for users and obtain relevant feedback regarding the website and the e-shop OSA processes so-called:

  • necessary cookies, i.e technical and functional cookies used to ensure the functionality of the website or the proper operation of the e-shop, as well as the creation and use of a registered user's user account, to facilitate the user's work with the e-shop and user account, etc.,
  • analytical and preferential cookies in their anonymized form, which are used to recognize website visitors when analyzing its traffic in order to monitor and optimize operation, and which are not necessary for the functionality of the site,
  • profiling and marketing cookies are used to track visitors of the website and e-shop visitors only until a moment they log into their e-shop account. These cookies are then processed by third parties for more precise ads targeting of their users (e.g. Facebook).

The summary of the cookies used on the website and in the e-shop can be found here.

The user expresses his/her consent to cookies processing for the aforementioned purposes by clicking on a special field „Allow all“ when entering OSA website or in the OSA e-shop. At the same time the user gives his/her consent to connect his/her personal data provided to OSA within registration on the OSA e-shop with information contained in cookies which are being stored or are already stored in the user´s terminal equipment. The user declares he/she gives this consent voluntarily, being aware of all information, in particular the aforementioned data which will be stored in cookies in his/her terminal equipment. The user gives this consent until he/she withdraws it.
The user may withdraw the consent to use of cookies at any time as well as prevent storage of cookies by making the appropriate setting in browser configuration.

If the user clicks the Reject All box, OSA will not store analytical and preferential or profiling and marketing cookies and will only store the necessary cookies, as the storage of the necessary cookies is not subject to the user's consent in accordance with Section 89, Paragraph 3 of the Act on Electronic Communications No. 127/2005 Coll.