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General data
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Artistic names
A pseudonym as defined by the Copyright Act means your alias or an artist’s brand. State your pseudonym only if you wish to protect your identity in relation to the works notified under the pseudonym. You can also continue to notify your works under your real name. The OSA shall register the individual works either under your pseudonym or real name, whichever is stated in your application. Therefore it is always necessary to notify a work either under a pseudonym or a real name.
If you wish to register your works under a different name than your real name or pseudonym (e.g. Jan Novák, other name versions: Honza Novák, Honzík Novák).
The scope of representation

The General Assembly of OSA has approved the following categories of rights:

  1. Live non-theatrical performance of a work and transmitted live performance (Section 19 of the CA);
  2. Radio broadcasting of a work (Section 21 of the CA) and reproduction of a work (Section 13 of the CA) for the purpose
    of its broadcasting by means of radio;
  3. Television broadcasting of a work (Section 21 of the CA), including the right to include the work in an audiovisual work by the television broadcaster (or in coproduction with another television broadcaster) if the audiovisual work is intended to be used by the broadcaster, and reproduction of a work (Section 13 of the CA) for the purpose
    of its television broadcasting;
  4. Transmission of radio and television broadcasts of a work (Section 22 of the CA);
  5. Performance of a recorded musical work and transmission there of (Section 20 of the CA);
  6. Performance of radio and television broadcasts of a work (Section 23 of the CA);
  7. Making a work available to the public in such a way that members of the public may access the work from a place and at a time
    individually chosen by them, especially by using a computer network or similar network – the so-called performance online rights; reproduction of a work in a performance by performers in the electronic form – the so-called mechanical online rights (Section 13 and Section 18 (2) of the CA);
  8. Reproduction of a work performed by performing artists with the exception of use under clauses B., C. and G. (Section 13 of the CA) and distribution of the work’s reproductions (Section 14 of the CA);
  9. Renting (Section 15 of the CA) and leasing (Section 16 of the CA) of a reproduction of a work; right to reasonable royalties for renting a reproduction of a work (Section 97d (1) (b) of the CA); and
  10. Right to royalties for making a reproduction of a work for personal use (Section 97d (1) (a) (3) of the CA).

The OSA carries out the managements of copyrights all over the world.

Article 4 of the OSA Articles contains the list of your rights ensuing from the Copyright Act (CA). The Articles are available here. By your signature you confirm that you have made yourself familiar with these Articles.


In this application the author provides his or her personal data to the OSA. Until such time as the copyright management agreementt becomes effective, the OSA shall process these data for the purpose of executing the copyright management agreement and after 30 days for the purpose of performing the obligatory and extended collective management. In the event of a dispute regarding the performance of collective copyright management the OSA may also process these data for the purpose of protecting its own as well as your rights. Provision of these data is voluntary, however, without their provision the OSA is not able to perform the collective management of the copyrights that you hold. It is in your interest to inform the OSA on any changes in the personal data. You have the right to inspect and, if needed, require the correction of your personal data processed by the OSA. Detailed information regarding personal data processing, including information on your rights, the recipients of the data, the provision of the data abroad etc., is available here. The OSA continually revises and supplements this information to keep you informed about the latest developments.