OSA Leading Bodies are:

  • General Assembly,
  • Supervisory Board,
  • Management Board.

General Assembly

The General Assembly approves the business results for the previous year and annual financial statements, approves fundamental documents of OSA and their amendments (the Statutes of OSA, the Distribution Rules, the Statutes of the Cultural, Social and Educational Fund of OSA etc.), decides on the disposal of the profit from its auxiliary economic activities, on the strategy concerning administrative cost deductions withheld from income from the exercise of rights or on the use of the income from the exercise of rights that could not be paid within a statutory period. Further, it votes and removes its representatives in the Supervisory Board, decides on issues related to members or appoints an auditor.

Powers of the General Assembly are specified by the OSA Statutes.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the management and control body of OSA. It consists of 13 members — 6 composers, 3 lyricists and 4 publishers. The members of the Supervisory Board are elected at the General Assembly for the period of 3 years and every profession group votes its representatives into the Supervisory Board separately by a secret vote.

The powers of the Supervisory Board are specified by the OSA Statutes.

Supervisory Board Members:


  1. Kurz Ivan (Chairman)
  2. Filas Juraj
  3. Hála Jan
  4. Kratochvíl Martin
  5. Matoušek Lukáš
  6. Prokop Michal


  1. Prostějovský Michael (Vice-chairman)
  2. Krečmar Eduard
  3. Roreček Tomáš


  1. Universal Music Publishing s.r.o. - Jolana Zemanová (Vice-chairman)
  2. Nedvěd Zdeněk 
  3. Provox Music Publishing s.r.o. - Jiří Paulů
  4. Schubert Music Publishing s.r.o. - Jiřina Petrová

Management Board

The Management Board is a statutory and executive body of OSA. It has three members and it consists of the chairman and two members. The Management Board is elected and removed by the Supervisory Board. It is responsible for its activities to the General Assembly and to the Supervisory Board.

The Management Board particularly manages the employees of OSA and check their activities, participates in the meetings of the Supervisory Board and General Assembly and implements their resolutions. Further, it submits a quarterly economic report of OSA to the Supervisory Board, an annual report including annual financial statements for the previous year and a financial plan for the next year, approves the tariffs of royalties, organizational changes and conclusion and termination of agreements with domestic and foreign collective management organizations and significant users.

The powers of the Management Board are specified by the OSA Statutes.

Members of Management Board:

Roman Strejček - Chairman
Luboš Tesař - Member
Jiřina Barello - Member

Organizational Structure OSA




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