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+7 reasons why it is worth paying for music


  • You can use musical works of all genres of authors from all around the world legally
  • Access to the international repertoire of musical works numbering more than 1 million authors
  • Single point of contact - no need to ask personally each composer and songwriter for permission to use their musical works
  • Get better rates for good performance
  • Music is relatively inexpensive but extremely powerful marketing tool
  • Surveys show that music significantly shapes the behavior and expectations of consumers
  • Expression of respect for the work of the others

+Get the right licenses for the use of musical works



Getting a license is very simple. The calculation of the royalty amount depends on the type and extent of use of musical works as well as on your business activity. OSA will conclude a long-term license agreement, under which you can use any music from the OSA repertoire at any time with confidence that it is a legitimate use.


choose an appropriate license to use musical works for your business.

If you are uncertain about the choice of an appropriate license, please contact our customer service line  +420 220 315 000 


fill out an application form for license agreement.

For application form please see documents download section.


submit your application form to OSA.

Each year you will be automatically informed about the conditions valid for the next licensing period for legal use of copyrighted works within your business.

16 cents from each CZK 1 collected by OSA in 2009 were used to cover its administration expenses and 84 cents were remitted to authors.

+What happens if I do not have permission from OSA?



OSA will first take the necessary steps to make sure you were aware of all legal obligations arising from copyright law in relation to the use of copyrighted works. Continued use of musical works from OSA's repertoire without acquiring a license agreement may lead to legal actions on behalf of right holders against you for the unauthorized use of their works and the obligation to pay the unjust enrichment penalty equal to twice the normal royalty amount and the costs associated with legal action.

+How are royalties distributed to authors?



Distribution of collected royalties is based on reports from users of musical works of all authors whose works were used. In the event that OSA does not receive reports from users, royalties are distributed on a sample basis. As a sample we use statistic reports from radio or television broadcasters and reports on music sales. Royalties are paid to authors regularly 4 times a year.



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