What is INFOSA?

INFOSA (INFormation system of OSA) is a multifunctional electronic account that facilitates, and significantly speeds up, communication with OSA in many areas.  It provides you (authors / publishers) with comprehensive information and data that we feel to be the most important for you.  All from the comfort of your own home or office.

+Why should you use INFOSA?



INFOSA  offers authors a valuable alternative to "paper" registration of original, derivative, or arranged musical works with and without lyrics, in an electronically well-structured and extended format with improved functionality compared to traditional reports.


The significant advantage of this digital registration is not only the clarity and simplicity, but also a number of technical improvements. Among the most important, which is highly appreciated by authors and right holders, is the possibility to upload audio files, music notation and lyrics.


In addition to the electronic registration, INFOSA offers authors immediate access to all previously reported and registered titles, including those in old paper and material form.


Another useful service provided by INFOSA is an overview of the current account balance of royalties, including the current status of all related monetary transactions, cash-flow and other respective data corresponding with the authors or publishers income.


Authors also have the possibility to send in an online complaint notifying OSA about public exploitation of his/her work, including a playlist in the case of live public performances. INFOSA offers authors and publishers an opportunity to edit contact and bank account information, send suggestions, make technical comments on the necessity of system improvements, and report the occurrence of any malfunction, computing or operating problems, etc.


An important part of the electronic account are the "statistics", a detailed preview specifying all data regarding the use of the author's work, including any additional information such as the user, place, time and quantity of the work that was used.

+How do I gain access to INFOSA?



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