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Expand our current roster of more than 7,500 OSA members, and more than 1 million authors from all over the world, who are represented through reciprocal agreements with foreign collective rights management societies.

Become a member of the international community of authors that defends the rights of authors around the world.

+7 reasons why to become an OSA member


  • We have extensive experience in collective rights management - defending the rights of authors since 1919
  • We take care of timely royalty collection and payments for the use of your works in the territory of the Czech Republic
  • On the basis of reciprocal agreements with foreign collecting societies, we arrange the royalties for the use of your work abroad
  • Royalties are distributed on a quarterly basis
  • We provide you with detailed statements on the usage of your works in the Czech Republic and abroad with each royalty payment
  • Your musical works, or publishing contracts, will be registered in our local and international database systems
  • You gain access to INFOSA (OSA's electronic information system) where you can easily register your work, get an overview on the usage of your work including statistics, royalty payment details and many other useful tools and information

+When you can become an OSA member


  • If you are a composer of music, write song lyrics, or if your work has been publicly used

+How you become an OSA affiliated member


  • Fill out a registration application
  • Pay a 500 CZK fee
  • Sign a representation agreement

+How you become a full member of OSA


  • Be a registered author for 5 consecutive years
  • Meet the requirement for a minimal yearly royalty income given by the OSA Statute
  • Acceptance of your full membership by the OSA General Assembly

Detailed information on membership can be found in the OSA Statutes.

+How to register your work


  • Complete the Registration of Works in paper form, or
  • Register online through the INFOSA electronic system


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