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OSA - Ochranný svaz autorský pro práva k dílům hudebním, z. s.

  • Founded by the authors in 1919.
  • The first inaugural meeting was held on 9th October, 1919.
  • One of the co-founders of OSA was the popular composer Karel Hasler. One of its first directors was the son of composer Antonin Dvorak.
  • Its current legal status is a civic association, representing more than 7,500 domestic copyright holders, and more than 1,000,000 international copyright holders (composers, songwriters, publishers).
  • The main activity of OSA is collective rights management.
  • OSA is an important bridge between the authors and the users of their works. The authors provide services related to the selection and subsequent billing of royalties, including the processing of data from users and the use of legal services. Users can easily access the legal use of music from all genres around the world.

OSA has two basic levels of membership:

  • Affiliated Member: Each author (composer and songwriter), publisher or copyright heir which has at least one publicly available musical work and signs a representation contract with OSA.
  • Full Member: Each author (composer and songwriter), publisher or copyright heir with voting rights at the General Assembly, and meets the conditions defined by the OSA statutes.
  • Information according to § 18 paragraph 2 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. in pl. No.
    OSA - The Copyright Protection Association for Music Rights processes personal data for the purpose of collective administration of copyrights. Address processing, identification, and other personal information of its members, and other related persons, is carried out by OSA at its head office and at regional offices. The beneficiaries are natural persons and legal entities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

+7 reasons why to become a member of OSA


  • We offer extensive experience with collective rights management - defending the rights of authors since 1919
  • We handle royalty collection in a timely manner, on your behalf, from users of your works in the territory of the Czech Republic
  • Thanks to an international network of reciprocal agreements with sister societies, we handle royalty collection for the usage of your works in other countries
  • Royalties are paid 4 times a year
  • You receive a detailed overview about the usage of your works in the Czech Republic and abroad with each royalty payment
  • Your musical works, or publishing contracts, will be registered in our database, as well as in an international database
  • You get access to INFOS (OSA's electronic information system) where you can easily register your work, get an overview about the usage of your work, see statistics within your repertoire, and gain access to other tools and information

+Music and royalties



MUSIC does not just appear out of thin air.

Music has its benefits, like a good meal or a beautiful piece of furniture.

Creating a hit song often requires many hours, days, and sometimes months, for the songwriter.

Music takes talent

It's something you're born with. You have a talent for your business activities, which enriches our lives with the products or services you provide.

Composers and lyricists enrich our personal and professional lives by creating musical compositions.

MUSIC is an experience.

Like other professions, the authors of musical works have legitimate claims for compensation.  For composers and lyricists, royalties are paid for the use of their work. Their rights are protected by copyright law (Law No. 121/2000 Coll.).

Did you know that OSA has been a bridge between the user community and music authors since 1919?

OSA collects royalties for the use of musical works based on the collective management rights of music artists given by the Ministry of Culture, as well as the representation agreements we have with composers and lyricists.

Through representation agreements with international collection societies, OSA currently offers a musical repertoire comprised of tens of millions of tracks from more than one million artists around the world. In practice, this means that you do not have to personally ask each and every songwriter for permission to use their musical works.

+OSA and the World



"OSA has a long history of active membership in the international arena. We are part of the "Professional Rules" project, governed by CISAC, which focuses on quality management, strengthening the efficiency and transparency of collective rights management, as well as increasing the level of services offered for authors and users.

OSA is a member of international organizations related to  copyright protection:

CISAC = Confédération internationale des sociétés d'auteurs et compositeurs. The International Confederation of Authors and Composers cisac
BIEM = Bureau international des sociétés gerant les droits d'enregistrement et de reproduction mecanique. The International Bureau, the company manages the rights to the recording and mechanical reproduction of musical works biem
GESAC = Groupement européen des sociétés d'auteurs et compositeurs. The European Association of Authors and Composers




+OSA supports the music scene



In January 2010, OSA launched 5 programs under the "Partnership" project.  The goal of this project is to support the following areas:


  • OSA Live - Live music events
  • OSA Helps - Charity events, benefit concerts
  • Made with OSA - Support of the production, publication and disclosure of musical works in the form of audio, video, or musical notation
  • OSA Talent
  • Premieres with OSA

For more information, see the Partnership section.


Some examples of what OSA supported in 2011 are listed below:

  • Vize97 - The Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Foundation
  • Gaudio Against Cancer
  • The Tap Tap Orchestra (a band of disabled musicians) - release of their new CD
  • Motol Motolice (project against cancer)
  • The Czech Choirs Union
  • Avon March Against Cancer
  • Bohemia Jazz Fest
  • Czech Youtube fest
  • Prague Proms

+Cooperation Czech Centres abroad



OSA collaborates with the Czech Center in Paris for author fellowships. OSA grants its support on the condition that the musical work is composed during the study period and there is an official public performance e.g. organized by the Czech Centre in Paris or the French Institute in Prague.

+Music Contest



OSA supports creativity and public performances of musical works from its members. In collaboration with Bohemia JazzFest, OSA organized a contest for the best jazz musical work composed by young authors up to the age of 30. The professional committee of Rudi Linka, Milan Svoboda and Jan Hala, chose the musical work of Martin Brunner, who performed his song during the opening of the Bohemia JazzFest on Old Town Square in Prague.

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