The General Assembly (GA) is the supreme body of OSA, which convenes at least once a year during the first half of the calendar year after the economic results for the previous year are closed.

The GA mainly has the power to approve financial results and statements of the fiscal year, as well as basic OSA documents (Statutes, Royalty Distribution Rules, etc.). In addition, the GA elects and recalls their representatives to the Supervisory Board. Each professional group elects its representatives to the Supervisory Board in a secret ballot (6 composers, 3 lyricists and 4 publishers, including substitute representatives for each professional group).

The GA may only be attended by OSA members with voting rights or by other invitees of the Management Board or the Supervisory Board.  Only one person from legal entities is allowed to attend.

Each member may exercise only one vote only this vote must be cast in person. Legal entities vote through their statutory bodies.

More information on the General Assembly is set out in the Statutes of OSA.

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